Directed by Leonard Rumery
Producer Dustin Yocum
by Frederick Knott
In this play, the basis for the famous movie by Alfred Hitchcock, retired tennis star Tony Wendice plans the murder of his wife Margot, who had an affair with Max Halliday, a mystery writer, but although Tony’s plans go seriously awry, they seem to be working out well for him until Inspector Hubbard gets involved. For our production we have changed the setting from London to New York City. 
This exciting melodrama had a highly successful run on Broadway and the road. "…original and remarkably good theatre—quiet in style but tingling with excitement underneath." —NY Times. "It's a holiday for the whodunit fans, and, as such, it couldn't be more welcome." —NY Herald-Tribune.


Margot - Chelsea Mueller
Tony - Chris Harris
Max - Jeremy Boehme
Inspector Hubbard - Les Schulte
Lesgate - Craig Alexander
Police Officer - Vontay Marshall
Radio Announcer (voice) - Cochran Keating