Holiday Hotel 2 (The Homecoming)

Written by Cochran Keating * Produced by Kari Keating * Directed by Leonard Rumery * Musical Direction by Kathleen Brown.

Show Date: December 3, 2016
Two shows: 4:30 pm and 7:00 pm
Tickets: $25 (includes appetizers and 2 adult beverages)
Seating is limited. Hurry.
Building on the success of last year's Holiday Hotel, the Monticello Theatre Association is continuing the story line from the original play. Holiday Hotel 2 is a heartwarming Christmas musical that the whole family will love.

Last year, an entertainment troupe's bus was snowbound on Christmas Eve. The entertainers couldn't find rooms for the night. There was a nearby hotel with vacancies, but the troupe was penniless! With a little help from a Christmas sprite, they convinced the lonely hotelier to give them rooms at no charge in exchange for a performance.

This year, the troupe returns -- as paying guests -- giving back to the Holiday Hotel for the hospitality shown to them last Christmas. Meanwhile, the hotelier's son and family say that they will be staying at the Holiday Hotel on Christmas Eve to spend the season with their father/grandfather. He is thrilled! It is the family's first visit since their mother died two years before. However, it's snowing heavily and traffic is at a standstill. Will they make it home for Christmas as promised?

The Cast

Hotelier - Carl Sebens
Troupe Leader - Ted Nowlin
Hotel Desk Clerk - Scott Burnsmier
Spirited Girl - Claire Keating
The Traveling Treble Clefs - featuring musicians Emma Brown, Kathy Brown, Gloria Cardoni, Mary Cate Hansen, Kari Higgins, Charlie Montgomery, Amelia Patterson, Rick Rhodes, Stringtown Lane, and Those Guys.