MTA's Summer Production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast Cast List

We are proud to announce the cast for MTA's Summer Youth Production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast!


Congrats to all of our auditioners! Please check your emails for information about script pick up, costume measurements and rehearsal schedules.



Narrator Emily Grabarczyk
Young Prince Quinlan Gleason
Old Beggar Woman Kyndal Cafin
Belle Maya Cremeens
Beast Dallas Glauner
Gaston Landon Culpepper
Lefou Jackson Heck
Maurice Lukas Merriman
Lumiere Brenna Cunningham
Cogsworth Lucas Madera
Babette Hailey Culpepper
Mrs Potts Chase Yohnka
Chip Dylan Guarnieri
Madame De La Grande Bouche Alexus Brown
Monsieur D’Arque Callum McLearin
Wolves Quinlan Gleason, Owen Heck
Gargoyles Quinlan Gleason, Owen Heck
Shepherd* Sabrina Christman
Marie* Lilka Kay
Tavern Master* Maddy Saiger
Laundry Lady* Kyndal Cafin
Baker* JayLynn Todd
Milkmaid* Kyndal Cafin
Flower Seller* Mackenna Ward
Sausage Curl Lady* Leah Killion
Candle Maker* Owen Heck
Hat Seller* Olivia Kirby
Bookseller* Allison Cremeens
Villagers Sabrina Christman, Olivia Kirby, Mackenna Ward, Mila Wittig
Les Filles La Ville* Emily Grabarczyk, Callie Poynton, Sophie Wills
Flatware* Kyndal Cafin, Sabrina Christman, Allison Cremeens, Quinlan Gleason, Emily Grabarczyk , Lilka Kay, Maddy Saiger, Mila Wittig
Napkins* Olivia Kirby, Leah Killion, JayLynn Todd, Mackenna Ward
*Denotes Ensemble members  
Director Sherrie Hildreth
Producers Katie Culpepper, Colleen Kilian
Backstage Manager Jessica Conaster
Stage Crew Alex Darnell