The Monticello Theatre Association will present our first Original Comedy Showcase on Friday and Saturday, October 4 & 5, 2019.  Performances will be at 7:30 PM at the MTA Theatre, 1406 N. Market St, Monticello, IL
This showcase will feature the winning short comedy entries from our play writing competition held this past Spring.  Come out and meet the authors as MTA brings their plays to life on the new MTA stage.
Tickets are available online at and can also be purchased at the door while available.  Questions contact

MTA Original Comedy Showcase

Cast Of Characters

An Evening on the Porch” by Dave Young 
Cast: Chelsea Mueller and Jeremy Boehme
Directed by Chelsea Ehrhardt
What’s my Motivation” by Dave Young
Cast: Ted Nowlin, Josiah Zielke, Steve Wadleigh & Nicki Grubaugh
Directed by Gil Yohnka
The Digital Age Gap” by Shawn Becker   
Cast: John Knittle, Jack Knittle & Carl Sebens
Directed by John Knittle
Intelligent Life” by Shawn Becker         
Cast: Jeremy Boehme, Chelsea Mueller, Gil Yohnka & Todd Black

Directed by Dustin Yocum
Selfie in the Dark” by Maria Burnham    
Cast: Marisa Winegar & Chelsea Mueller
Directed by Marisa Winegar
Philosophical Questions” by Todd Black                  
Cast: Jeremy Boehme & Josiah Zielke
Directed by Gil Yohnka
Vice is Nice” by David Laker 
Cast: Maya Hammond, Wesley Bennett & David Laker
Directed by David Laker
The Blind Date” by Dustin Yocum                            
Cast: Jeremy Boehme, Chelsea Mueller, Todd Black & Nicki Grubaugh
Directed by Dustin Yocum