Auditions for The Glass Menagerie

Written by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Dustin Yocum
Auditions at Phoenix Theatre
1406 N. Market St.
Monticello, IL 61856
Audition Times:
Saturday, December 9, 10AM – 3PM
Sunday, December 10, 10AM – 3PM
Callbacks, if necessary:
Sunday, December 10, 3PM – 5PM
*Sides for cold readings will be available at time of audition.
** If these audition dates/times do not work for your schedule, please email to set up a time to audition.  I will be accepting personal audition times up until December 10th.
The Glass Menagerie, Tennessee Williams’ first major play to appear on Broadway, is an autobiographical work. In The Glass Menagerie, Williams delineates several personal and societal problems: the isolation of those who are outsiders for one reason or another, the hardships faced by single mothers, the difficulties a disability may create for a family, and the struggle of a young artist to begin his career.
*** Please note that ages listed below are to be approximate ranges.
AMANDA (Female, 40s – 60s):  Laura and Tom’s mother. A proud, vivacious woman, Amanda clings fervently to memories of a vanished, genteel past. She is simultaneously admirable, charming, pitiable, and laughable.
LAURA (Female, 20’s): Amanda’s daughter and Tom’s older sister. Laura has a bad leg, on which she has to wear a brace, and walks with a limp. Twenty-three years old and painfully shy, she has largely withdrawn from the outside world and devotes herself to old records and her collection of glass figurines.
TOM (Male, 20’s – 30’s): Amanda’s son and Laura’s younger brother. An aspiring poet, Tom works at a shoe warehouse to support the family. He is frustrated by the numbing routine of his job and escapes from it through movies, literature, and alcohol.
JIM (Male, 20’s – 30’s): An old acquaintance of Tom and Laura. Jim was a popular athlete in high school and is now a shipping clerk at the shoe warehouse in which Tom works. He is unwaveringly devoted to goals of professional achievement and ideals of personal success.
Time Commitment:
*Please look at the dates below carefully and note any conflicts at the time of audition.
General Rehearsals:
There will be 2-3 general rehearsals/table readings to get familiar with the play and receive scripts.  The plan would be for the cast to start learning lines as soon as possible so that when we reconvene after the holidays, we’ll be ready to start the blocking process.
Starting January 4th or 5th, 2018: Tuesday – Friday, 7PM – 9PM
Tech Week (no time conflicts allowed):
Sunday, February 18, 2018 – Friday, February 23, 2018
Show Dates (no time conflicts allowed):
February 24th, 2018 – 7:30PM
February 25th, 2018 – 2:30PM
March 2nd, 2018 – 7:30PM
March 3rd, 2018 – 7:30PM
March 4th, 2018 – 2:30PM